San Diego Adult Baseball League

2023 Spring Team/Manager Registration



Hello and welcome to our Manager's Registration Portal. We tip our caps to those who are not afraid to take on responsibility for the sake of others. You are one of those people. Everyone would be happy just to play, but few will take the time and make the effort to lead.


In it's simplest form, managing a baseball team means making out a batting order and telling the players where to play. Learning the rules and winning strategies will take you and your team to the next level. Any seasoned manager can tell you the toughest part of being a recreational manager is the balance between keeping your players happy and winning. Sometimes you feel it isn't worth the time and aggravation. Most of those times you are right. But the longer you hang in there and figure some things out, the easier it gets and the more rewarding managing a team will be.


All that being said, the MOST sound advice we can give you is "don't go deep into your own pocket". Don't end up paying for your players to play. Sure there is always that stud pitcher or player whom you need to win but who doesn't feel they should or maybe cannot pay. We know the quickest way to sour on managing a team is to end up paying money from your own pocket you really don't have.


Again Welcome, good luck and have fun. After all that is what this whole recreational baseball thing is all about.



Please direct questions to:

Mike Micheli